A German Joins A Russian WW2 RP Server

I spotted a russian ww2 rp server while scrolling through the garrys mod menu and thought "YES! I should join!" XD
It turned out the people on there are really nice and the language barrier was kinda funny :D
I hope you enjoy a german joining a russian ww2 rp server :D

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Hey my name is Jay or Justus I am a 90% gmod youtuber :D
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Atleast I hope so O_O
Dont flame me btw Im not good at the game I just like to make people laugh ;D
I mostly play gmod on the Elitelupus DarkRP server if you want to join me there feel free to its alot of fun XD

➡Title: A German Joins A Russian WW2 RP Server
Game: Gmod WW2 RP / Gmod 1942 RP / Gmod Nazi RP
Server: Idk some random russian ww2 rp server XD
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