6 COUNTRIES IN 12MINS! ???? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? | @Expo 2020 Dubai

????Bulgaria ????????
➡️A physical and digital hub showcasing mobility, progress and development
➡️Folklore, traditions, history, high-tech achievements and more
➡️A Shopping area with products related to Bulgarian history and traditions

????Slovakia ????????
Motion of the future: hydrogen and aerospace

Be wowed by hydrogen technologies, aerospace and aviation exhibits. Join us as we explore innovative forms of propulsion, focusing on hydrogen propulsion as the fuel of the future.
➡️Immersive 360 adventure showcasing the path of a unique country
➡️Playful exhibitions and holographic communication platform
➡️Unique stories, beautiful landscapes and enormous technological potential

????Micronesia ????????
The Island Nation
An adventurer’s paradise that has everything from palm-shaded beaches, to diving sites, to ancient ruins. Explore the opportunities in tourism, renewable energy, finance, fishing and transportation.
➡️Discover 607 islands of opportunity
➡️See handicrafts based on sustainable traditions
➡️A deep-rooted traditional culture in navigation

????Palau ????????
Learning from the Ocean

Comprising of over 300 volcanic and coral islands, the Northern Pacific nation of Palau is magical. From lush jungle to white sandy beaches, it’s no surprise that huge opportunities exist in tourism.
➡️Explore the exhibition showing the incredible flora and fauna of Palau’s stunning islands
➡️Discover exciting investment possibilities in travel and sustainable tourism
➡️See the locals’ craft skills utilising natural, sustainable materials from the islands

????Haiti ????????
Haiti - a turnaround story

Hear the story of a country with a history almost as fascinating and unique as its geography, and witness all that is remarkable about this Caribbean nation, both its natural beauty and its people.
➡️Learn about Haiti’s contribution to global production and export of essential oils like Vetiver
➡️Experience Haiti’s tranquil beaches, towering mountains, pristine waters and striking landscapes
➡️Discover the potential for this country’s bio-economy to drive the future of its national economy

????Kiribati ????????
Leaping forward, creating opportunities for prosperity

33 atolls of Kiribati cover a vast area in the Pacific. Discover this incredible maritime haven, which offers some of the best fishing, diving, surfing and bird-watching opportunities in the world.
➡️Be educated about this unique region, home to the South Pacific’s largest marine reserve
➡️Learn why Kiribati faces climate challenges posed by global warming and rising sea levels
➡️A prime location in the middle of the Pacific, a go-to destination for dedicated nature lovers

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???? What is Expo2020?

???? Philippines Pavilion ????????

???? UAE Pavilion ????????

???? Switzerland Pavilion ????????

???? Italy Pavilion ????????

???? France Pavilion ????????

???? Republic Of Korea Pavilion ????????

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