5. How the murder of the Russian Emperor affected the course of European history #1812 #napoleon

Russia could become Napoleon's ally.
Russian joined the anti-French coalition only after French expansion in the Mediterranean and the far reaches of the Ottoman Empire, where the interests of the two countries intersected.
However, Tsar Paul quickly became disillusioned with the coalition: Suvorov and Ushakov's troops defeated the French in Italy, but because of Austria the Swiss campaign failed.
England failed a joint operation in Holland.
Bonaparte saw Russia as the optimal ally in the East.
And Paul appreciated this diplomatic gesture.
The alliance with France promised many things:
- The prospect of the division of the Ottoman Empire;
- damage to the maritime and colonial power of England.
Inevitably, however, it would have plunged Russia into a war with half of Europe.
However, the rapprochement did not occur.
Paul I was killed by the conspirators,
And his heir - Alexander chose to focus on domestic politics.

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