29. Why did the Russians go to war in Europe #1812 #napoleon

Why did the Russian army follow Napoleon all the way to Europe after kicking him out of Russia?
Bonaparte lost his army when he retreated, but he still had vast territories under his control.
With a new army, he could try to return!
The Russian units had also suffered significant losses. Commander Kutozov warned that chasing Napoleon could be risky.
However, it was much more important not to stop at Neman, to go further and deprive Bonaparte of resources for a new war.
The Allies began to abandon Napoleon. Austria's joining the coalition was a particularly hard blow for him.
The VI coalition outnumbered the French forces, but Napoleon continued to take victories.
Then the Allies changed their tactics: they began attacking the French secondary force.
In the “Battle of the Nations” near Leipzig, Napoleon was dealt a devastating blow.
He began to assemble a new army in northern France. But didn't have time to defend Paris. Under pressure from his own marshals, he renounced his throne.

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