25 Best Places to Visit in Eastern Europe 2022 - Travel Video

25 Best Places to Visit in Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe won't be everyone’s primary journey vacation spot. Communist-generation homes, the conflicts withinside the Nineties. And border disputes in current years have supposed tons of the place has been neglected via way of means of capacity tourists.
But with its patchwork of quite, pastel-colored antique cities, extremely good historical records, thrilling nightlife. And nature from sprawling lakes to swooping mountains, Eastern Europe is a shocking delight. History, lifestyle, nature, ethnicity – they all blend into an interesting swirl that’s making this a part of Europe and more. And more famous excursion vacation spot.

25 Best Places to Visit in Eastern Europe
25. Vilnius
24. Minsk
23. High Tatras
22. Sofia
21. Butrint National Park
20. Cesky Krumlov
19. Golden Ring
18. Warsaw
17. Lake Balaton
16. Mostar
15. Riga
14. Lake Ohrid
13. Plitvice Lakes National Park
12. Belgrade
11. Kyiv
10. Lake Bled
9. Budapest
8. Bay of Kotor
7. Tallinn
6. Transylvania
5. Saint Petersburg
4. Krakow
3. Dubrovnik
2. Moscow
1. Prague
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