13 MINUTES AGO! Zelensky's Army made history! The whole world is talking about this news

The Ukrainian army destroyed the legendary Russian army! The Russian army, known as the largest army after the American army, has now lost its legendary influence on the world. The Russian army, which really has the second largest army in the world, was helplessly defeated on the territory of Ukraine. The Ukrainian army continued to defend its territory at all costs, repulsing the invading Russian troops at every opportunity. Previously, experts conducted a study on this issue and said that the size of the army is in the second plan. According to experts, the main thing in the war is not the size of the army, but the faith and desire for war in the soldiers. The researchers, who showed an example of Russian soldiers doing this for money while Ukrainian soldiers put forward all their assets to protect their land, stated that the love of homeland among Ukrainian soldiers is the biggest weapon of the Ukrainian army.

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