100 Machineguns vs WW1 Trench Charge in Rising Front

Watch the Full Video here: https://youtu.be/93tHCpkQdaE

Download Rising Front on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1560250/Rising_Front/

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This new ww1 game is one of the best world war 1 battle simulators I have played in a long time.. now this is nat a rising front game review or just a rising front review, but this rising front gameplay should show you whether or not you want to pick up this epic new trench battle simulator. Failing that, have a look at the rising front announcement trailer or just any old rising front trailer! Want to see more new rising front gameplay? Subscribe!

A FPS WW1 battle simulator with a focus on rag-doll physics, intelligent AI, massive battles, procedural AI cover system, real-time building system and FPS combat!
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Title: 100 Machineguns vs WW1 Trench Charge in Rising Front
Title 2: i BROKE this WW1 game with a MEGA MACHINEGUN LINE - Rising Front

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